About Us

Marin Cafe Owner Chris & Virgil

Marin Cafe

Serving the city of Montebello

Marin Cafe opened for business in 2015.  We have over  10 years of French pastry baking and a lifetime of Mexican cake baking. It was time to bring a fusion of the two amazing culture and quality of food. The Marin Cafe family is proud to serve the Montebello community with a welcoming staff, tasty food, and a peaceful setting.

Our Cafe presents a quality of life our customers can enjoy

Providing the highest quality of food and drinks to our customers is the reason we open our cafe every day. Come visit our cafe and taste the fusion of French and Mexican culture.

We serve our customers:

Cakes, Cupcakes, Pastries, Sandwiches, Coffee, Frappuccinos and Desserts

Marin Cafe also provides special cake designs for Birthdays, Weddings and other special events. Contact Us to find out more!